Japan Sencha Kakagawa (50 grams)

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Cup Characteristics: Tending light liquoring, smooth with reasonable depth and body. Often used in ceremonies.
Infusion: Pale yellow green. 
Pairing Suggestions: Sushi, Sashimi, Vegetable Tempura, Fish dishes 
Food Use Suggestions: 1. Chop the tea leaves, combine with spices, and use them to coat chicken or steak before cooking. 
 2, Substitute a cup of Decaf Sencha tea for a cup of broth in vegetable-based soups. Throw 
 steeped chopped leaves into soup while it simmers to add extra greens. 
 3. After mixing the dough or batter for cookies, muffins, or scones, fold two tablespoons of dried 
 sencha tea leaves directly into it, then bake as usual. 
 4. Add a few tablespoons to a marinade for fish or shellfish. Sencha balances out sweeter 
 varieties, like halibut or scallops.